Wagner Energy Software
Wagner Energy Software

Client-Centric Culture

We believe nothing creates innovation like collaboration, and the best way to move our industry forward is to create partnerships over client-vendor associations. To do that, we make ourselves constantly available to train, answer questions and improve our oil and gas accounting systems.


Our oil industry software is extremely sophisticated, so we don’t just sell you our system and leave you to try and figure it out. Our implementation process features an in-depth project plan and a detailed test strategy — customized to your team — to ensure you get exactly what you need.


Once we’ve implemented our system, we work closely with your team to schedule and conduct classroom trainings. The training includes both basic business and system training in order to prepare your team to get the absolute most out of our energy industry software.


Our job doesn’t end once we hand our software for oil and gas over to you. We are always available for questions and suggestions regarding process review, change management, software implementation, project management and data conversion — at no additional cost.


No worthwhile business solution would be complete without a manual. During training, we provide each client with extensive system documentation and detailed training materials.

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